The challenges of the future

The digital revolution, the climate emergency, gender and social inequalities ... The 21st century poses challenges that require global solutions. The Biennial of Thought invites you to debate and think, and to talk about democracy, technology and the city. To imagine the future. Come along and take part!

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  • The images of the Biennial of Thought

    You already have available a selection of the best photographs of the 2020 Biennial of Thought, geolocated and in different resolutions.

    Consult the Barcelona Images gallery and rediscover the Biennial from different perspectives.

  • The Biennial 2020, streamed

    Relive the Biennial of Thought 2020 “Open City”, with streamed videos of the talks and speeches given in Barcelona from 13 to 18 October.  Don’t miss out on this year’s Biennial, which drew more than six thousand members of the public to its face-to-face events and a further ten thousand to its website’s live streaming.

  • Racism, the woodworm in the beams of our system

    2020 may be the year of the COVID pandemic but is also the year of the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement.

  • Digital environments, freedom or oppression?

    Progress means more and more passwords, someone said. More and more virtual interfaces that plough through our daily lives, public and private, presumably to make them easier. 

  • Barcelona Metròpolis with the Biennial of Thought

    The world is changing, crises mount up and the initial impact is on large cities. What do we have to do to make sure democracy emerges reinforced? The authors invited to take part in this issue of Barcelona Metròpolis consider these questions.

  • The environmental approach pervading collective debates

    Today’s media is erratic, with trending topics appearing and disappearing from the scene, but there is one fundamental issue that never goes away and which no one can avoid: the climate emergency. 

  • Activisms, from the community to institutions

    The political action taking place outside institutions went through a particularly busy period almost ten years ago, with examples including the Arab Spring and the 15M and Occupy movements, as well as the mobilising capacity of projects such as Procés.

  • The Biennial of Thought, open and safe

    The exceptional situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has not prevented Barcelona from holding a new edition of the Biennial of Thought.

  • Feminism takes the floor

    Gender issues are certainly part of the public debate. 

  • Reaching thought through art and creation

    The ability to reflect about issues of a certain importance in many different ways is something that the Biennial is very certain of. 

  • Thinking and rethinking possible Barcelonas

    The debate about which city model(s) we want is never-ending. 

Let’s rethink our city

Sustainability, ecology, mobility, security, health, inclusion: Do cities have a future or do we need to create cities for the future?

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La democracia en temps de crisi EN

Democracy in the time of crisis

Is democracy in crisis or is it the solution to social inequality? How do we protect democratic guarantees?

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La metamorfosi tecnològíca EN

Technological metamorphosis

Technological advances and new digital dimensions. Have we revolutionised technology or has technology revolutionised us?

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The challenges of the future

Do we live in an era of change or a change of era? Planning concrete, sustainable futures that respond to present concerns



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