Thinking and rethinking possible Barcelonas

The debate about which city model(s) we want is never-ending. There are numerous economic interests in conflict, very diverse citizen subjectivities and considerations from various technical fields that are not always easy to account for. The fact that absolute understanding is a utopia is no reason to discard it, quite the contrary. And if there is a need to gradually introduce new considerations into the debate, arising from new realities and points of view, they're welcome.

Hence the attractiveness of a bunch of activities that consider how to frame some of the challenges of the present and future in Barcelona that have lately proved crucial. Such is the case with the Community Land Trusts. A threefold ownership of land that explains on 13 October, the first afternoon of the Biennial, a land co-ownership model that may be a small offering that helps to eliminate the problem of housing and small business. The following day will see the former La Model prison playing host to a talk with a more general focus, with a title that could not be more eloquent: The city of the future. It will consider some of the major issues that urban planning is expected to face in the future, in Barcelona and worldwide.