Digital environments, freedom or oppression?

Progress means more and more passwords, someone said. More and more virtual interfaces that plough through our daily lives, public and private, presumably to make them easier. This ultimately has implications of every kind, affecting everything from construction of the ego to global economic dynamics. This diverse and controversial impact is resulting in a prolific offer of activities which approach the issue.

Politics of technological fiction, on the afternoon of Tuesday, 14, features Sheila Sen Jasanoff, a Harvard lecturer who is researching the role of technology and science in contemporary politics and legality. She will be discussing, along with Andreu Belsunces, how political and economic powers intertwine with technology to shape future realities. That same day, but with time for a change of venue from Fabra i Coats to La Model, will see Platform capitalism diagnosing the monopolistic trend of technological markets, with its effects, both economic and on the area of citizen rights that it entails. Digital environments were supposed to make us freer but the economic powers that control them are rapidly changing to create new hierarchies, which are rarely horizontal.

The next day we will be presented a more hopeful, aspirational scenario, in Glocal city, digital city, which will highlight the advisability of opting for smart cities, which tend towards the fab city model, under which its citizens share technological aptitudes for solving local problems and generating new businesses and services. Also encouraging action that affects our local environment is the activity Barcelona Digital: Co-creating a digital Barcelona's memories, ecosystem and economy in diversity. This will be on Saturday, 17, at noon, and consist of one meeting, both real and online, where several women will be creating various activities that help with the digital building of several aspects of the city, always from a gender perspective: round tables, edit-a-thons, audio-visual screenings, music and more.