Reaching thought through art and creation

The ability to reflect about issues of a certain importance in many different ways is something that the Biennial is very certain of. For this reason, beyond its talks and debates, the programme also includes proposals of a more creative nature in which the aesthetic experience goes hand in hand with analyses of current affairs or enquiries that go beyond art merely for art’s sake.

From its very outset, the first day includes a remarkable literary, musical and stage component in the two events to be held at the Barcelona Centre for Contemporary Culture. In The Planet’s Voices, the philosopher Vinciane Despret, accompanied by the sound artist Antoine Bertin, will offer a performance reading; Maria Arnal will sing; and the writers Irene Solà and María Sánchez will also have their say. Afterwards, Looking to the Future will include an online chat with Margaret Atwood, as well as poetry by Enric Casasses and Maria Cabrera.