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2020-07-12 08:06:16

Yayo Herrero

Yayo Herrero

(Madrid, 1965)

Anthropologist, social educator, agricultural technical engineer, lecturer and researcher in issues relating to social ecology and feminism.

She has been a state coordinator of Ecologists in Action and has been an activist for decades in numerous social activities in defence of Human Rights, Ecology, Feminism and the Social and Solidarity Economy.

She has been running the Hogar del Empleado Social Enterprise Foundation (FUHEM) since 2012, coordinates the area of knowledge in networks and dissemination at the Environmental Information Studies Centre at the Complutense University of Madrid, is a lecturer at the National University of Long-Distance Education (UNED) and is a regular contributor to several critical and independent media.

Her research is focused on analysing development and production models of contemporary capitalism and denouncing the impact on the environment and people. She is reclaiming the contributions made from agricultural production and reproductive work in sustaining not just human life but also on the capitalist production model, and proposes an ecological transition towards a social inclusion model for everyone which is compatible with and respectful of the regeneration of nature.

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