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2020-01-19 03:00:25

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The frontiers of knowledge

The British mathematician Marcus du Sautoy is the author and one of the actors in X&Y, a play that takes its inspiration from The Infinite Library, by Borges. It explores the tension between infinite reality and the finite reality of human beings. Two characters are shut in a cube, a universe, arguing about the origins of everything surrounding them. They wonder if time is running out and how many halves you can split an orange into. A dialectic battle to try and decide whether there is anything outside the cube and if anyone can affirm that they know something with absolute certainty. A journey to the frontiers of knowledge.

On Wednesday 17, at the end of the play, there will be a discussion with the author, Marcus du Sautoy, a mathematician, scientific populariser and holder of the prestigious Simony Professorship at Oxford University.

Actors: Marcus du Sautoy and Victoria Gould
Director: Dermot Keaney
Presented by Complicité


17 - 18 OCTOBER 8.30 pm
English (simultaneous translation in Catalan)
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