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2020-07-11 04:42:54

Activitats +Biennal

Habitable City / City's activity

Work and public areas

What does the city tell us about women from the present and the past? Are urban areas equitable and egalitarian? Or do they reinforce the inequalities between men and women? We walk around the neighbourhood looking at streets, squares and markets from a gender perspective, in order to reflect on the relationship between urbanity and citizens, women and public areas.

The Barcelona Network of Civic Centres and Barcelona Libraries join in with the Open City, Biennial of Thought with a series of activities that invite you to rethink the city from a gender perspective and imagine a fairer and more equitable Barcelona.

Itinerary by Trama SCCL.

Activity free of charge. Places are limited. Prior registration required at Can Deu Civic Centre.



24 October 2018


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