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2020-07-11 03:32:02

Activitats Biennal

Democratic city , Diverse city , Habitable City / Debate , Dialogue

In transition towards a liveable city

The effects of capitalist extractivism on large European metropolises take form and shape in Barcelona. The progressive orientation of the city towards tourism and large-scale events are having very severe consequences on a population that is finding it more and more difficult to live in the city. The increase in housing prices, due to the impact of tourist flats, is causing a gradual displacement of the population, as well as the disappearance of traditional, local commerce. Barcelona's economic-activity monoculture is leading to the gentrification of neighbourhoods and the thematisation of the city.

What makes a city liveable? For the Biennial, the researcher Yayo Herrero analyses the cities we live in and reflects on those in which we would like to live in the future. This activity is organised by La Ciutat Invisible, with the participation of Col·lectiu MigrESS (Social and Solidarity Economy from an Intercultural Perspective), Colectivo Migrantes y Diversas (domestic, reproductive and care work), Col·lectiu Punt 6 (public areas and domestic territory) and Entre Pobles - Equip Ciutats Vivibles [Among Peoples - Liveable Cities Team].

This activity will be streamed live. 


20 October 2018
10:00 - 13:30


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