Barcelona Cultura
2020-06-03 18:01:59


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ACTIVITY: The gender problem. Why are bodies important?​
PARTICIPANTS: Fina Birulés, Judith Butler. Moderated by Marta Segarra
DAY AND TIME: Monday 15. From 19.30 to 21 h


ACTIVITY: Beyond surveillance capitalism: recuperating digital sovereignty
PARTICIPANTS: Andrés Arauz, Yu Hong, Alexey Ivanov, Evgeny Morozov, Tony Norfield, Vijay Prashad, Maria Ptashkina, Sanya Reid Smith, Tulio Rosembuj, Yuezhi Zhao. Moderated by Renata Ávila
DAY AND TIME Tuesday 16. From 10 to 18 h


ACTIVITY:  Libraries are transforming. New challenges for the new century 
PARTICIPANTS: Roger Chartier, Carme Galve Montore
DAY AND TIME: Tuesday 16. From 18.30 to 20 h


ACTIVITY: Education of the future
PARTICIPANTS: Gayatri Spivak, Marina Garcés
DAY AND TIME: Tuesday 16. From 19.30 to 21 h


ACTIVITY: Beyond surveillance capitalism: recuperating digital sovereignty
PARTICIPANTS: Francesca Bria, Giovanni Buttarelli, Dan Hill, Ian Hogarth, Paul Mason, Oliver Nachtwey, Frank Rieger, Nick Srnicek, Philipp Staab, Yun Wen, Shoshana Zuboff
DAY AND TIME: Wednesday 17. From 10 to 18 h


ACTIVITY: Cities and sovereignty
PARTICIPANTS: Laia Bonet, David Fernàndez, Ignacio Sánchez-Cuenca, Marina Subirats. Moderating and taking part Xavier Antich
DAY AND TIME: Wednesday 17. From 19.30 to 21 h


ACTIVITY: Speaking with Joumana Haddad
PARTICIPANTS: Joumana Haddad
DAY AND TIME: Thursday 18. 18.30 h


ACTIVITY: Social networks, algorithms, democracy and post-truth
PARTICIPANTS: Marta Peirano, Karma Peiró, Ismael Peña- López. Moderated by Xabier E. Barandiaran
DAY AND TIME: Friday 19. From 19.45 to 21 h


ACTIVITY: In transition towards a liveable city
PARTICIPANTS: Yayo Herrero, Col.lectiu MigrESS, Colectivo Migrantes y Diversas, Col.lectiu Punt 6, Entre Pobles - Equip Ciutats Vivibles
DAY AND TIME: Saturday 20. From 10 to 13.30 h


ACTIVITY: Getting through, whatever it takes
PARTICIPANTS: Georges Didi-Huberman, Nikki Giannari
DAY AND TIME: Sunday 21. From 17.30 to 19 h