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Salah Jamal

Salah Jamal

(Nablus, Palestine 16 October 1951)

Catalan doctor, historian and writer. He lectures on many disciplines and contributes to various media outlets. He was a lecturer on Cultural Diversity at Vic University and now teaches on the Arab and Islamic World master’s degree course at Barcelona University.

His most successful book Aroma Árabe. Recetas y relatos, published in Spanish and Catalan by the publishers Zendrera Zariquiey and translated into many other languages, received the prize for best book on foreign cuisine at the Salon Livre Gourmand 2000 (France).

Other publications: Palestina, ocupació i resistència, 2001, a practical guide to the Palestinian questian and the Arab-Israeli conflict; Catalunya en quatre pinzellades, 2001; La resistencia de la economía palestina, 2003; Lluny de l'horitzó perfumat, 2004, a novel; Allò que cal saber sobre els àrabs, 2012, popular essay, and Naqba, 48 relats de vida i resistència a Palestina, 2018, with illustrations by Miquel Ferreres.

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