Programme for the 2020 Biennial of Thought

The programme for the 2020 Biennial of Thought features activities of every kind: dialogues, lectures, debates, initiatives, poetry events, itineraries and plenty more. Find your own activity here.

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  • New urban music to (re)think neighbourhoods and public spaces
  • Things that do things. Technological objects / Robots and algorithms.
  • Feeling raid
  • No name is innocent
  • Areas of collective action against digital feudalism
  • Barcelona Digital: Co-creating the memory, the ecosystem, and the economy of digital Barcelona in terms of diversity
  • XF-ABABCB (verse/chorus/verse/ chorus/bridge/chorus)
  • Living the collapse
  • From the body to the cloud: digital technologies and scales of habitability
  • The future has been cancelled
  • Productive sovereignty and the city
  • Organising ecosocial transitions
  • Platform capitalism. Concentration of power
  • Speculative intimacy. Feelings and digital technology
  • Genesis fiction of the technology industry: power, expectations and capital
  • Community Land Trusts. Tripartite land ownership

Biennial Events

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