Programme for the 2020 Biennial of Thought

The programme for the 2020 Biennial of Thought features activities of every kind: dialogues, lectures, debates, initiatives, poetry events, itineraries and plenty more. Find your own activity here.

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  • New urban music to (re)think neighbourhoods and public spaces
  • The emergency of the future: Who represents those who haven’t even been born yet?
  • Freedom or life?
  • Healthy city
  • Rural city
  • Feeling raid
  • Hyperdemocracy and liberalism: What are rights for?
  • Areas of collective action against digital feudalism
  • Zoomer Culture
  • What’s on the horizon for citizens: republican liberty or voluntary servitude?
  • Science comes to democracy’s rescue: politics and knowledge
  • Barcelona Digital: Co-creating the memory, the ecosystem, and the economy of digital Barcelona in terms of diversity
  • Inclusive city
  • How much participation can democracy take?
  • Resilient city
  • Are we the 99%? From social mobilisation to institutional policy
  • The complexity of egalitarianism
  • Glocal city, digital city
  • Organising ecosocial transitions
  • Against the eclipse of fraternity: one more effort, fellow citizens!
  • 5 Futures
  • City of the future
  • The mirror of racism
  • Looking to the future
  • Liveable city
  • Trapped in the populist labyrinth
  • The planet's voices
  • Community Land Trusts. Tripartite land ownership
  • The authoritarian temptation. The challenge posed by the new radical right

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