New urban music to (re)think neighbourhoods and public spaces

18 from October 2020 from 20:00 to 21:00

Doctor Pla i Armengol gardens

The new urban music scene and apparent revival of speeches glorifying neighbourhoods and street life also coexists with the reality of young people in neighbourhoods and cities, increasingly caught up in mass tourism and typified by lack of viable spaces for bringing life to the collective. How then does music born from the street and take-over of public spaces survive today? What role do new technologies play here? How do art and the city feed off one another?

Anier and Tribade (Masiva Lulla and Bittah), MCs from the current urban music scene, will be talking about the representations and collective imagination that are being created on neighbourhoods and public spaces from urban music and its conflicts and how all that has also been transforming them.

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Anier Deer,
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