A hint of light

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18 from October 2020 from 20:00 to 21:30

CCCB- Pati de les Dones

In person (by prior registration)
Streaming (open)

As Fernando Pessoa said, “There is an oasis in Uncertainty / and, like a hint / of light where there are no cracks, / a caravan goes by”.

The end of the Biennale programme coincides with the conclusion of Barcelona Poesia 2020. Hence, this year, we express this coincidence with a recital that invites reflection and, poetically speaking, thinks of the future through the voices of young authors from around the world, because we need to come together and call up a future that we will want to call ours.

And we know that, if this is to be possible, it is necessary to remember things and listen, not only to what the words of some of today’s most outstanding young poets are saying, but also how they say it.

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