Barcelona Digital: Co-creating the memory, the ecosystem, and the economy of digital Barcelona in terms of diversity

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17 from October 2020 from 12:30 to 13:30

Fabra i Coats: Centre d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona i Fàbrica de Creació

In person (by prior registration)

In a context where there is an urgency to create an open and inclusive city that brings together open, accessible knowledge and is also intersectional, feminist, and fair, with both digital and analogue elements, a new proposal is the Wikigender Barna. This is a event in which different communities of women will meet physically and online to create hubs that aim to raise the visibility of, and continue constructing Barcelona, while infusing their work with a digital gender perspective.

The aim is to generate a space for conversation, for networking, and for making the work, challenges, and proposals of different groups of women in the city more visible in digital environments through an event that features round table discussions, edit-a-thons, audiovisual presentations, and music created by the participants.

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