5 Futures

14 from October 2020 from 20:00 to 21:30

Plaça de Joan Coromines

In person (by prior registration)

Today the future is an uncertain place, but this uncertainty doesn’t spring from ignorance of the challenges we must meet collectively. There are specific questions, well-defined problems, situations that attract the attention of experts around the world every day, making it possible for us to imagine some of the horizons that will define the coming decades. These range from the role of artificial intelligence and information technologies in society, the present drift of the liberal democracies, the crisis of political rights and freedoms, and the growing influence of authoritarianism, through to the challenge of climate change and our place as a species in the future of the planet.

In order to be able to look ahead, we need to name these possible futures and let the knowledge we already have become a tool for transformation.


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