¥€$Si Perse

Performer and creator of an economystic PsyAvatar RPG

¥€$Si Perse is a fiction suit – a hyperstitional interface – that allows its wearers to enter into alternative narratives. This acts as both a point of departure from this world and a form of communication with it.

This parapersona is a space-empty of identity and gender paradigms. An avatar that is born and lives in social networks and which maintains an identity in a state of transition, imbued with influences that range from the Radical Faeries of the 1970s to the otherkin phenomenon, not to mention cyborg culture. Manifesting, formally and performatively, in an RPG (Role Play Game) character -a radical mutant xenofaery- lost in the NeuroDungeon of an “€conomystical Cybermedieval scenery”, where elements of science fiction collapse with Urban Fantasy.

The current work of ¥€$Si revolves around the mutation of institutional artistic performance with memetic variations that come from popular performative formalizations such as party contexts (using the DJ Set as a format), Cosplay / Larp Conventions (Live Role) and Online Communities. ¥€$Si has received the Art Jove 2019 award for young creators and the Miquel Casablancas 2017 award for graphic design. They have been artists in residence at hangar.org (center for research and artistic production in Barcelona). Among some of their contributions in the artistic field, they have performed both in the institutional framework: Transmediale Festival (HKW, Berlin), V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media (Rotterdam), PS Mirabel (Manchester), Naves Matadero (Madrid), IVAM (Valencia), LaCapella (Barcelona), MACBA (Barcelona); as well as in the club scene: Mordorkore (Berlin), Marabú (BCN), Valle Eléctrico (Madrid), Hardcore Wizards (BCN). Founders of NeuroDungeon together with Kaverna and Bartolomé, whose first actions have been the virtual-raves NeuroXcape (Club Cooee) and Nu:cenosis (IMVU).

Activities they are taking part in