Valerie Miles

Essayist and Granta editor

Editor, writer, translator, and lecturer on the postgraduate course in literary translation and the Master's Degree in Creative Writing at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Co-founder of the magazine Granta en Español (2003,) while running the Emecé publishing house, and founder of The New Yorker Review of Books collection in Spanish, in 2013, during her spell as deputy director of Alfaguara, she was voted one of the most influential professionals in the publishing world at the Buenos Aires Book Fair. 

She is also a critic with The New York Times and The New Yorker magazine, and contributes to media publications such as La Vanguardia and El País.

She researches the work of Roberto Bolaño and has translated into English works by such writers as Fernando Aramburu, Bioy Casares or Enrique Vila Matas. Among other books, she is the author of Leer Lolita en Teherán.

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