Sonia Hernández-Montaño Bou

Architect specialising in bioconstruction and healthy architecture

Architect specialising in bioconstruction. A graduate of the Escola Sert - Catalan Architects’ Association and ETSAB, Barcelona Higher Technical School of Architecture, she is a consultant in architecture and health in public and private entities, such as the Catalan government and the COAC. As an educator, she is the director of the postgraduate course in architecture and health at the Escola Sert and a tutor for the Master’s Degree in Bioconstruction at the IEB. She regularly contributes articles to the specialist press, such as EcoHabitar, a magazine in which she has her own section. She is also the coordinator of the COAC’s Work and Health Group.

As the head of the studio, she researches and creates healthy, efficient, passive and living spaces. In order to get an overall picture of any constructive process, the studio works with multidisciplinary groups made up of experts in several disciplines, to adapt to the needs of each project.

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