Ontologies Feministes

Feminist platform for cultural production and management

A platform for cultural production and management (formed by Blanca Martínez, Elena Castro Córdoba and Laura Tabarés) set up in 2019 as a response to violence and to the lack of a feminist and anti-racist curriculum in academic and artistic areas of research. 

Since its creation, it has become consolidated as a collective political-artistic project, developing workshops, programming events and mediating projects. The focus has been primarily on virtual reality from a feminist perspective, a review of practices and policies in institutional and academic spaces, and the generation of feminist networks in order to create safer leisure spaces. The organisation’s main aim is to build learning networks that focus on experience, situated knowledge, and the power to provide tools to oppressed groups and to generate support networks between those groups. 

Today the platform continues to develop workshops (such as Strolling You Down, a speculative workshop on digital feminist self-defence) and meetings (for example those linked to Santuario Nocturno, a space for conversation about the construction of spaces free from violence at popular celebrations) in different spaces and at various institutions. Also being developed are collaborative projects such as Nuevos Formatos, Nuevos Imaginarios with the Bartlebooth publishing platform, or the Feeling Raid workshop on affective maps in video games with Clara Harguindey.

Ontologías Feministas

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