Mostafà Shaimi

Researcher at the UdG and member of the Espai Antiracista Salt-Girona

Adjunct lecturer at the Department of Pedagogy at the Universitat de Girona. He has a UdG Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy, Master's Degree in Research in Human Sciences and Postgraduate Diploma in Community Mediation. 

Shaimi is a researcher at the UdG in pre-doctoral education, coordinator of the Master’s Degree Religious Diversity: Thought, Reality Management, and coordinator of the course shedding light on manifestations of racism: discourses, practices and resistance, in addition to being a member of the Research Group on Afro-Black Thought, Practices and Activism. 

He has worked in the social arena since 2001 in public authorities and social organisations, such as the IRes Foundation (Institut de Reinserció Social), GRAMC (Research Group on Cultural Minorities), Càritas, Eina (Association for research and community action), the Ser.Gi Foundation (Girona Social Pedagogy Service) and the Gentis Foundation. He is a member of the Espai Antiracista Salt-Girona.

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