María Sánchez

Expert in rural culture and environment

A field vet who works with native breeds threatened with extinction, and defends other forms of production and relating to the land such as agro-ecology, pasturage and extensive livestock farming. She is a regular contributor to radio, digital and paper media publications on literature, feminism, extensive livestock farming and rural culture and environment. 

She coordinates Las entrañas del texto, a project where she invites reflection on the creation process, and Almáciga, a small nursery of rural environment words from the various languages of our region which will be published in Geoplaneta in 2020 and has a website too. Her poems have been translated into English, French, Polish, Portuguese and Romanian. She is a recipient of the Estudios Rurales Foundation Board of Trustees Rural Pride Award, the National Youth Prize for Culture awarded by the Spanish Institute of Youth (INJUVE), the 2019 FADEMUR Award from the Federation of Rural Women’s Associations (FADEMUR) for her fight for rural women and the 2020 Cordoba en Igualdad Award in the category of art and culture, from the Cordoba Provincial Council.

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