Liliana Arroyo

Expert in digital transformation and social impact

PhD in Sociology from the Universitat de Barcelona, researcher at ESADE, in the Social Sciences Department and Social Innovation Institute. An expert in digital transformation and social impact, she has taken part in research projects in several areas of sociology, with the common aim of understanding important social phenomena and changes in the collective sphere.

She is a regular contributor to the newspapers Ara and El Periódico, among others, and recently had her first book published: Tú no eres tu selfi: 9 secretos digitales que todo el mundo vive pero nadie cuenta (2020). She defines herself as a multifaceted person committed to education as a tool for social transformation. She is currently analysing the implications of learning analytics, online learning and personalised learning in relation to mass data, as a means to exploiting full potential while mitigating the risks it poses for certain fundamental rights.

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