Joaquín de Santos

Community Land Trust Bruxelles (CLTB)

In charge of the European project Sustainable Housing for Inclusive and Cohesive Cities (SHICC) from the Community Land Trust Bruxelles (CLTB), a non-profit organisation that possesses, implements and manages local assets at the service of the local community, to acquire land and assets for the benefit of a location or community in perpetuity. 

He studies Political Sciences and European Policies in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, France and Belgium. Having worked in European affairs and on industrial heritage projects for seven years, he joined the working team at CLT Bruxelles at the start of 2018, to coordinate the SHICC and, since February 2019, the GECO project. His interest focuses on urban struggles for right to the city and for industrial and social heritage. He is currently doing a doctorate in urban policies at the University of Antwerp, Belgium.

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