Izaskun Chinchilla

Architect and speaker

A graduate from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid’s Higher Technical School of Architecture (2001), Izaskun Chinchilla is considered one of the boldest architects in the Spanish arena. Committed to innovation, her project offers multi-disciplinary exercises that relate architecture to the complexity of life in the contemporary world.  

As a speaker, she has taken part in over 80 international meetings and debates, and had her research published in 100 magazines and publications. Her architectural works include the Organic Growth pavilion (New York, 2015) and the renovation of the medieval castle Garcimuñoz (Conca) for the installation of a public media library there. She has taught at the École Special (Paris), at HEAD University (Geneva) and at the Universitat d’Alacant School of Architecture, among other centres. She is currently a lecturer at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and at Madrid's Instituto de Empresa, and runs the Unit22 studies programme with Carlos Giménez at the Barlett School of Architecture (UCL, London).

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