Íñigo González Ricoy

Lecturer in political philosophy

Senior lecturer in Political Philosophy at the Universitat de Barcelona, coordinator at the Office of International Relations at the Faculty of Philosophy and co-editor of Law, Ethics and Philosophy. Member of the Barcelona Institute of Analytic Philosophy, external member of the Chaire Hoover d’Éthique Économique et Sociale at the Université de Louvain and of the Law and Philosophy research group, at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. He has been a visiting researcher at the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt and at Columbia University and a visiting lecturer at the Department of Political and Social Sciences at the UPF.

He focuses his research on political and legal philosophy and is currently the main researcher, alongside Jahel Queralt, on a project entitled “Justice and work: a normative analysis of atypical forms of work”, funded by Spain’s Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities. His research integrates not just employment justice issues but also intergenerational justice and long-term public policies, with a special emphasis on climate justice. He is the author of Institutions for Future Generations (2016) and La voluntad de coherencia: Homenaje a J. M. Bermudo (2016).