Fernando Broncano

Philosopher and professor of Logic and Philosophy of Science

A philosopher and professor of Logic and Philosophy of Science at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, his research ranges from public spaces of knowledge, human rationality and identity, and technology as an element that shapes humanity. His work promotes overcoming the divide between scientific and humanistic culture, seeking their mutual convergence.

Broncano’s work stays clear of the various forms of determinism (above all, the technological and the social), as subscribing to any form of predetermined destiny would dilute human responsibility in the face of technical change. The author also defends a vision of culture as a series of causal arrangements of symbols and artefacts that create, extend or delimit human actions.
His publications notably include Entre ingenieros y ciudadanos (2006), La melancolía del ciborg (2009), La estrategia del simbionte (2012) and Cultura es nombre de derrota: Cultura y poder en los espacios intermedios (2018).

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