Elsa Dorlin

Feminist philosopher and researcher in the intersections between gender, race and domination systems

Feminist philosopher, lecturer in political and social philosophy in the Department of Political Science at the University of Paris 8 and a member of its Centre for Feminist and Gender Studies. Her research is focused on the intersections between gender, race and domination systems. She is also a specialist in Michel Focault's philosophy.

In 2009 she received the bronze medal from the French National Centre for Scientific Research for her work in philosophy and gender and feminist epistemology. 

Notable essays include La Matrice de la race. Généalogie sexuelle et coloniale de la Nation française (2006), Sexe et genre, et sexualtiés. Introduction aux philosophies féminines (2008) and Self-Defense. A philosophy of violence (2017), which summarises the author's main lines of research. 

Elsa Dorlin

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