Elías Knörr

Poet and translator of Galician, Spanish and Icelandic

Elías Portela is a poet and translator of Galician, Spanish and also Icelandic, the language in which he publishes under the pseudonym Elías Knörr. In 2009, he published Imaxes na Pel through the Morgante publishing house and in 2010, Cos Peitos Desenchufados, winner of the 2010 Xohán de Cangas á Creación Literaria prize. His career in Icelandic began under a pseudonym, and in this way he concealed his foreign background. In the spring of 2010, he was chosen by the UK’s Poetry Society as one of the three most representative voices in Icelandic poetry today; in October he published Sjóarinn með morgunhestana undir kjólnum and thanks to excellent reviews, his identity was made public. He has presented poems in English, Spanish and Italian at various readings. 

Elias Knorr