Denise Duncan

Actress, producer, playwright and theatre director

Graduate in directing and playwriting from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona (2012). A graduate in Social Media Content: Community Manager and Content Curation (2017). A master´s degree graduate in Theatre and Audio-Visual Studies from the Universidad de la Coruña (2004). A graduate in Dramatic Arts (2004) and in Collective Communication, with an emphasis on Journalism, from the Universidad de Costa Rica (2004).

Since 2002, she has mainly worked in the theatre, as an actress, producer, playwright and stage director. She received a special mention in the Marqués de Bradomín Prize for Theatre Texts, for her play Negra, o nocturnal de una piel inoculada por el odio nuestro de cada día (2004) and in the Ciutat de Manacor de Teatre Jaume Vidal Alcover Award for Negrata de merda (2018). 

Duncan is founding member of the Tinta Negra collective and of La Pulpe Teatro (an independent company).

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