Cooperativa Drac Màgic

Social-initiative cooperative dedicated to the study and dissemination of audiovisual culture and its educational use

Social-initiative cooperative founded in 1971 and essentially dedicated to the study and dissemination of audio-visual culture and its use in various educational, social and cultural activities. Its central areas of activity are representation of women in audio-visual mass media and in film authorship, as well as training in audio-visual languages promoting the dissemination of film culture understood as a space of knowledge, critique and reflection.

Notable projects include the Barcelona International Women's Films Festival; the school activities programme Construir Mirades, which works on gender perspectives, peace cultures and diversities; the children’s film distributor in Catalan, Pack Màgic; the extra-curricular neighbourhood workshops proposal Imagina, as well as projects with other institutions and/or organisations such as Filmoteca for Schools, the Women’s Media Observatory, Anem al cinema and Accions i resistències.

Logo Drac Màgic