Claudio Agosti

Techno-political activist

Techno-political activist. Also known as Vecna, he is a software developer with a focus on explaining and researching the abstractness of algorithm surveillance and data marketing. In recent decades he has worked on whistleblower protection with GlobaLeaks, has advocated against corporate surveillance and is the founder of ‘Facebook tracking exposed’. 

He is a research associate in UvA, DATACTIVE team, and vice president of the Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights. He is also the R&D director of, which implements technologies to empower citizens of algorithmically controlled societies. His goal is to raise awareness of the personalised content of the iermetre algorithm so that users can control theirs. 

Claudio ‘Venca’ Agosti is a member of the Good Technology Collective and group of experts based in Berlin, Diem25.

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