Anier Deer

Hip-hop singer songwriter

Melina Altés, whose stage name is Anier (reina ,the word for ‘queen’ in Spanish spelled backwards) and sometimes known as Anier Deer, is a young hip-hop artist. Anier rapidly succeeded in attracting attention, and established herself as one of the leading female talents in Spanish rap.

The first tracks she released under the name Anier appeared on her YouTube channel in 2015. A year later, songs such as Entre Rejas, 0 Respuestas and especially Latidos Negros have been well received by the YouTube Hip-Hop community. The video Gitana, launched in mid 2017, would pave the way for her definitive take-off, with songs such as Where, Fuego a Tregua and Carnaza, all of which have already attracted several million listeners. 

Anier stands out for her ability to flow aggressively, and her concise rhymes, especially on fast rhythms with no chorus.


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