Almudena Hernando

Archaeologist and lecturer linked to Archaeology and Gender in Europe

Archaeologist and senior lecturer in Prehistory at the Complutense University of Madrid. Her interest in the way in which oral populations understand the world and her links to the UCM's Feminist Research Institute and AGE (Archaeology and Gender in Europe) explain the interdisciplinary approach of her research, which is focused on ethno-archaeology, gender archaeology and identity construction. Philosophy, sociology, anthropology, psycho-analysis, archaeology and history combine in her studies, which reclaim the importance of objects as an expression of the unconscious dynamics of culture. She has carried out fieldwork with indigenous groups in Guatemala, Thailand and Brazil, and has been a guest researcher at the universities of California in Los Angeles (UCLA), Berkeley, Chicago and Harvard.

She is the author of Arqueología de la identidad (2002), La fantasía de la individualidad: Sobre la construcción sociohistórica del sujeto moderno (2012) and The Fantasy of Individuality: On the Sociohistorical Construction of the Modern Subject (2017), among other works.