Alicia Kopf

A graduate in fine arts who addresses issues such as precarious housing through art

Imma Ávalos, known artistically as Alicia Kopf, is a graduate of Fine Arts and of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature. As an artist, she uses drawing, writing and videos to address apparently individual issues that turn out to be generational concerns. The expressive dimension of her work allows her to tackle issues such as precarious housing and the epic of polar exploration, as a response to a hostile present from a position that combines emotion and ironic distance. 

A lecturer for the Bachelor’s Degree in Communication at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, her published works include Maneres de (no) entrar a casa (2011) and Germà de gel (2016). She is the recipient, among other awards, of the Premi Llibreter 2016 and has taken part in individual and collective exhibitions, at the Galeria Joan Prats in Barcelona, MACBA’s Capella dels Àngels and the CCCB. 

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