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2020-04-06 14:05:17

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Music for peaceful coexistence

Does silence form part of music? What relationship does music establish with the composer of the piece? Does a sense of humour influence its performance? Does music exist when it is not being played? These are some of the questions that the pianist Alfred Brendel asks himself; ten years after abandoning the stage, he still thinks about music.

He speaks about all of this with sociologist Richard Sennett. A discussion about music, but also about coexistence. Sennett draws parallels between music and human relationships; cooperation between people is not innate, it has to be learned, and music is a good starting point.

The dialogue will be moderated by the architect and musicologist Carlos Calderón Urreiztieta.

Places are limited.



18 October 2018

Petit Palau
English (simultaneous translation in Catalan)


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