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2019-11-18 08:16:31

Lorena Fuster

PhD in Philosophy from the University of Barcelona, where she teaches courses on philosophy and feminist theory. She is currently a research on the TRAFILO project. The transmission of knowledge in female philosophical thought and in the HERA European project. The Debt. Historicizing Europe’s Relations with the South. Her research focuses on the subject of recognition and transmission with the aim of questioning paradigms from a gender perspective. She is working on a documentary on debt. She has published numerous articles and essays on the issue of imagination and imageries in contemporary thought, in particular in contemporary female thought.

She is a member of the Philosophy and Gender Seminar, the ADHUC. Centre for Research in Theory, Gender and Sexuality and the Women’s Creation and Thought Consolidated Research Group . She is also a member GAPP Grup Arendtià de Pensament i Política, with which he has been organising the international “Arendtian Springs” lecture cycle.

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