Barcelona Cultura
2020-07-12 09:39:16


Architects’ cooperative that works from Barcelona’s Sants neighbourhood. They work with architecture to achieve social change, using it as a tool to intervene critically in the local surroundings. Always in line with society, acting in a fair and caring way based on a system of working horizontally.

The cooperative believes that the way to transform the city is through the active participation of the people who live in it and by being proactive. It works on interests to do with the quality of life of all of us who share the city. Architecture makes its contribution in the heart of urban movement, as one more part of that movement, helping to translate the citizens’ concerns and put them on paper, contributing criteria for defining goals and strategies, as well as tools for communicating ideas through drawings, graphic representation and so on.

Lacol fosters debate and discussion on the uses of public spaces and managing those spaces, on city models, participation and restoring its heritage, among other things.

Its members are Arnau Andrés, Eliseu Arrufat, Ari Artigas, Carles Baiges, Anna Clemente, Lali Daví, Cristina Gamboa, Ernest Garriga, Mirko Gegundez, Laura Lluch, Lluc Hernàndez, Pol Massoni, Jordi Miró and Núria Vila. Others have included Mauro De Carlo, Santi Facet, Ignacia Bascuñán, Albert Garriga, Albert Esteva and Juan Antonio Membrive

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