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2020-02-20 12:42:51

Juan Pablo Villalobos

(Guadalajara, 1973)

Writer, lives and works in Barcelona. He has researched such diverse topics as the ergonomcis of lavatories, the secondary effects of medicines for erectile dysfunction and eccentricity in Latin American literature of the first half of the 20th century. His novels have been published by Anagrama and translated into more than a dozen languages: Down the Rabbit Hole, If We Lived Somewhere Normal, I’ll sell you a dog and I’m not going to ask anyone to believe me, which was awarded the Premio Herralde literary prize in 2016. His most recent book, Yo tuve un sueño. El viaje de los niños centroamericanos a Estados Unidos [I had a dream: the journey of Central American children to the US] was published by Anagrama in September 2018.

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