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2020-02-20 16:18:01

Juan Antonio Cerezuela

Juan Antonio  Cerezuela

He has an internationally acclaimed doctorate, with Cum Laude, and an Extraordinary Thesis Prize in Visual and Intermedia Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (2014) and a graduate in Fine Arts from the University of Granada (2005). His work deals with installations and audio-visual media and is coordinated around three areas: memory, identity and confession. His work also deals with the relationship between the public and the private, and how our intimacy is built through various contexts. He has written on sound art, videos and intermedia art in research magazines, including Art i Polítiques d'Identitat and Revista de Belles Arts la Llacuna. He has been a member of the committee of the magazine Sonda: Investigació i docència en Arts i Lletres since 2012 and has also been a member of the artistic research Laboratori de Creacions Intermèdia group, UPV, Valencia ( since 2006.

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