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2019-11-18 07:30:53

Joan Manuel del Pozo

Joan Manuel del Pozo

Professor of Philosophy at the University of Girona, where he explains ancient philosophy and ethics applied to social action. He is a member and former director of the “Observatory of Ethics Applied to Social, Psycho-Educational and Social-Health Action”. His research is focused on Cicero, about whom he has produced various publications. He has translated three philosophical treatises by Cicero into Catalan, namely De natura deorumDe re publica and Paradoxa Stoicorum, published by the “Fundació Bernat Metge”. He is also the author of the essay Educacionari published by Ed. 62, an invitation to think about and experience education through 60 concepts. He is a very active public speaker, here and in different countries, on education, philosophy, ethics and politics.

As a politician Del Pozo has been a member of the Spanish and Catalan Parliaments, deputy mayor of Girona City Council and education and universities minister in Pascual Maragall’s last government. He has also been a board member of the Catalan Audiovisual Media Corporation (CCMA).

Currently he is the University of Girona Ombudsperson.

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