Barcelona Cultura
2020-07-12 07:32:39

Activitats +Biennal

Democratic city , Diverse city / Dialogue

Inclusive media, inclusive cities, coexistence against Islamophobia

Media consumption can be considered as the act of a good citizen, because it implies a concern for that person's surroundings, the city and beyond. Therefore, the media have a major influence on public opinion and the configuration of the space where policies and initiatives for social, economic and political inclusion take place.

The images constructed by the media, the prejudices and stereotypes they reproduce and the visibility (or invisibility) of the initiatives made by various local communities are key factors in understanding the perceptions passing through the minds of the general public. This debate focuses on the local dimension of the struggle against Islamophobia and the fabrication of distorted narratives in the area of communication.

Conversation organised by l’IEMed concerning the work of the Observatory of Islamophobia in the Media.

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