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2020-02-20 11:30:45

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Diverse city / Dialogue

The gender problem

Why are bodies important?

Gender and sexuality are currently the subject of debate. What is the relative importance of biology and culture? Are there more than two sexes? How important is it to have social norms and to what extent can we change them? What is the role of the body's materiality in political action?

These and other questions are the basis for the discussion between Judith Butler and Fina Birulés, two of today's most outstanding thinkers concerning gender. As part of the biennial that has placed cities at the centre of the debate, both philosophers agree in stating that feminist thought cannot be separated from a reflection on life in society.

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15 October 2018
19:30 - 21:00

Moderated by
Marta Segarra
English (simultaneous translation in Catalan)


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