Feminism takes the floor

El Raval. Murals amb dones de diferents procedències

Gender issues are certainly part of the public debate. They appear on the agenda in political parties, networks and the streets. Which is why there is nothing odd about its presence at the Biennial being a significant force.

We have various options for delving into these issues. We can start, for example, with the talk on Thursday, 15 October, entitled "The complexity of egalitarianism​​​​​​​” [The complexity of egalitarianism], which will highlight feminism’s capacity for adding new considerations to egalitarian political aspirations and reflect on the challenges that such demands currently face. We’ll be well advised to hop over to Fabra i Coats the following day, to follow at close hand “From the body to the cloud: digital technologies and scales of habitability”, [From the body to cloud: digital technologies and habitability scales], featuring Helen Hester, one of the most important voices in the field of xenofeminism. There is a trend of thought under this term which embraces the use of technology for creating emancipation spaces regarding binary gender concepts.