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2020-02-17 12:57:25

Émilie Vidal

Bachelor's degree in Tourism and master's degree in Development and Communication from the University of Nice (France). Specialises in design and project management in the areas of gender equality, cultural policy and development cooperation in the south of the Mediterranean, West Africa and Latin America.

Since 2014, she has been coordinator of the Gender Programme of the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed), which monitors the progress of the rights of women and their empowerment through field projects, consultations with local associations, research centres and governments, conferences, publications and promotional activities at

Émilie has coordinated various studies in the human development fields such as ‘Field practices. Advocacy actions for women's rights in the Euro-Mediterranean region’ (2016). She participated in the cultural directors programme of the ‘Tandem / Shaml’ Arab region in 2012, and produced the documentary ‘Balady: a vision of our society from a cultural and gender perspective’ in 2013.

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