Barcelona Cultura
2020-05-26 09:51:58

Activitats Biennal

Digital City / Conference , Dialogue , Workshop

Digital cities, digital freedoms: digital commons, ethical standards and open-source software for cities

The Biennial opens the debate on the impact of new technologies on cities and the need for them to use open standards and open-source software, as well as preserving the general public's digital rights.

Co-created with the residents of Barcelona and the city's innovation ecosystem, the Barcelona Digital City Plan follows new directives that put city residents first, while establishing the use of ethical digital standards and agile methodologies for ICT projects, with a specific focus on technological sovereignty.
This activity will bring together cities, digital communities, companies, universities and members of the general public to discuss and reinforce the potential of this approach. It will include conferences, exhibitions, demonstrations and debates open to the general public.

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