Barcelona Cultura
2020-07-12 08:27:25

Activitats Biennal

Digital City , Diverse city / Conference , Debate , Dialogue , Workshop

Co-creation and Memory: Open City Laboratory

What is an open city? How can we open up the images and memory of the city to collective construction? This activity aims to explore the options offered by technology to co-create the city's memory, rescue from oblivion the names and stories linked to collective action, unpublished facts about the city of Barcelona that we wish to recuperate and post on Viquipèdia.

We revise the nomenclature of city streets and the geographical distribution of the memory of collective processes, especially those linked to women. We will work with data sources and edit Viquipèdia in areas relating to collective processes in Barcelona, the history of commons in the city and its presence in the nomenclature, with the aim of creating a Viquipèdia site for women left out of the names of streets. We will experience the challenge of visualising the city with maps and the names of streets and public areas that recover old stories, facts and historical figures, the memory of co-created events of a city that is open to its own reinvention. And we will work on community models for the ownership and management of internet infrastructures.

LAB is a creative exercise, in order to think together about what an open city is.

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Photography: @ Jer Thorp / Flickr

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