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2020-02-20 14:17:52

Cheryl Miller Van Dyck

In a career spanning 25 years, Cheryl Miller Van Dyck has occupied global leadership positions in front-line companies in the transport, banking, telecom and IT industries in Asia, North America, Europe and Russia. As Founding Director of the Digital Leadership Institute, she has spent the last eight years making the most of disruptive technologies to benefit the world’s most disadvantaged communities. Her pioneering work is recognised by the United Nations, the European Parliament and organisations in the private sector, and she is regularly invited to speak and write articles on issues linked with digital disruption, Industry 4.0, entrepreneurship, innovation, education, digital inclusion and the labour force of the future. She has given speeches at global events such as Mobile World Congress, TEDx, EmTech, OSCON, CPDP and FOSDEM. Cheryl Miller Van Dick has a bachelor’s degree in International Relations, Law and Organisations from the Georgetown School of Foreign Service and a master’s in International Business Studies from the prestigious Moore School of Business.

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