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2020-02-20 12:57:49

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Habitable City / Dialogue

Building and dwelling

Richard Sennett has just published Building and Dwelling,* the last volume in a trilogy on material culture that he began ten years ago with The Craftsman (Anagrama, 2009). Sennett, a precise and subtle observer of society, has focused this last volume on the relationship between Homo faber, capable of transforming their surroundings, and one of their most fascinating inventions: the city. The author makes a distinction between physical cities and cities we live in, as well as between those that project and transform cities –architects and urban planners– and those that live in them, their citizens.

This conversation deals precisely with inhabiting the supposed frontier between these two cities and reflects on whether the awareness of how we live in them, together with the development of urban ethics that place value on diversity, can change the way cities are projected and built.

The end of the conversation will signal the start of the activity 'Hackató: Discovering Les Rondes'.


19 October 2018
19:45 - 21:00

English (simultaneous translation in Catalan)


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