The Biennial of Thought, open and safe

Persones en cadires durant una activitat a l'aire lliure

An exceptional edition

The exceptional situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has not prevented Barcelona from holding a new edition of the Biennial of Thought, an event that is open to the city's residents and which invites everyone to reflect on the society (world) of today and tomorrow. An edition which, while adapting its activities format to current health regulations, will be bringing the debate to several of the city’s public spaces and featuring contributions from specialists from around the world, some of biggest authorities on rethinking the city, technology and the future.

International guests and guest from outside Catalonia will be offering talks or taking part in their round tables by video or videoconference platform, to avoid the risks that may arise from travelling. The Biennial will also be streaming a dozen or so activities, so everyone can access them.

Activities to note

Les veus del planeta’ [The planet's voices] (Tuesday, 13 October, 5.30 pm to 7 pm), ‘Mirar el futur’ [Looking at the future] (Tuesday, 13 October, 8 pm), featuring Margaret Atwood, Enric Casasses, Ilia Mayer, Maria Cabrera and Anna Guitart (moderator); ‘Ciutat del futur’ [City of the future] (Wednesday, 14 October, 5.30 pm), featuring Hashim Sarkis, Roi Salgueiro, Ethel Baraona, Oriol Nel·lo and Anatxu Zabalbeascoa (moderator); ‘Capitalisme de plataforma. Concentració de poder’ [Platform capitalism. Concentration of power] (Tuesday, 13 October, 7.30 pm); ‘Contra l’eclipsi de la fraternitat: un esforç més, ciutadans!’ [Against the eclipse of brotherhood: more effort, citizens!] (Thursday, 15 October, 5.30 pm), with Almudena Hernando, Santiago Alba Rico, Àngel Puyol and Daniel Gamper (moderator); ‘Habitar el col·lapse’ [Living the collapse] (Friday, 16 October, 5.30 pm), featuring Marina Garcés and Carlos Taibo; ‘Ciutat resilient’ (Friday, 16 October, 7.30 pm); ‘Barcelona Digital: Cocreant la memoria, ecosistema, i economía de la Barcelona digital en clau diversitat’ [Co-creating a digital Barcelona's memories, ecosystem and economy in diversity] (Saturday, 17 October, 12.30 noon); ‘Cap nom és innocent’ [No name is innocent] (Saturday, 17 October, 8 pm), featuring Kirsten Stolle, Valerie Miles and Carlos Delclós; ‘La llibertat o la vida’ [Freedom or life] (Sunday, 18 October, 6 pm), and ‘Una sospita de llum’ [A suspicion of light] (Sunday, 18 October, 8 pm), featuring Koleka Putuma, Farah Chamma, Elias Knorr, Francesco Deiana, Ellen Deckwitz, Guim Valls, Laia Carbonell, David Leo Garcia and Ashle Ozuljevic.